Recovery Club with Compression Therapy by NormaTec

Perform the way you Recover, HARD with NormaTec Recovery

Recovery Club powered by NormaTec

Strength Academy and DC Dynamic Wellness have partnered to offer the community strength training and wellness services. Recovery is an integral part of every athlete… just like you take your sets and reps seriously, making your recovery a regimented program will result in a competitive edge. 

Perform the way you Recover. HARD.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your fitness journey or a long-time elite performer, we’re all athletes and we all need to reset after the hard work we put in. The Recovery Club, powered by NormaTec and DC Dynamic Wellness, has all the essentials to enhance your recovery. Book a session:

Benefits of NormaTec’s Compression Therapy

What makes the NormaTec recovery system so good? The benefits are numerous, but some of the standouts include it being a full body recovery system, its design is cutting edge and unique, and it’s cost effective compared to other treatments.

Full Body Recovery System

NormaTec uses connected attachments including a leg attachment (or NormaTec boots), hip and upper quad attachment, and a shoulder attachment.  The boots fills with air to conform to the exact body shape of the the athlete, and delivers a patented massage pattern for the perfect recovery massage. The maximum pressure and intensity level are manipulated by the fitness enthusiast via the control unit. The NormaTec pulse massage pattern is shown to improve blood flow and improve range of motion with continued use.

NormaTec Systems is cutting edge and unique

The system was created by a physician bioengineer, so cutting edge technology is to be expected from this medical device company. The idea behind the design is to improve the body’s normal circulatory flow by means of pulsing, distal release and gradients. This in turn improves the body’s normal recovery process. It’s no wonder professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, cycling, CrossFit, and other major professional sports are turning to NormaTec to take their recovery to a whole new level.

Dynamic compression devices are worth the price

Recovery stats for athletes show that treatments such as cryotherapy, a zero gravity chair, and restorative massage can greatly improve on the ability of normal physiology to recover from workouts. NormaTec shares in these improved outcomes, without the hassle and the high cost. The device has no mess to clean up, and could even be used wearing pants.

Athletes Use NormaTec’s Compression Therapy

Lebron James is among the athletes who have come on board and are using NormaTec’s breakthrough technology to take care of their bodies, ensuring speedy recovery and keeping them in a place where they can operate at peak physical performance.

Lebron James using NormaTec technology for recovery and maintaining peak physical performance

LeBron’s longtime trainer, Mike Mancias, is quoted as saying this about the treatment:

“That helped LeBron perform at a peak level,” says Mancias. “We did more research on nutrition, more research on supplements, more research on sleep, more research on massage.”

“My legs started feeling better and I didn’t stop,” LeBron James said about the air compression boots he started using. “I started taking it on the road and everything. I mean, I think it’s awesome.” LeBron has been using them ever since.

Other athletes that use NormaTec include the NBA’s Kevin Durant, and some sports teams have introduced the NormaTec therapy for their entire team, including the NFL teams: the Kansas City Chiefs, the Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens.

Workout Recovery with our Infrared Sauna

With our Relax Infrared Sauna, you’ll experience the benefits of heat on your body for recovery, but you’ll experience the heat from light, instead of the air around you.

In this study, it was established that the heat from an infrared sauna is not only a relaxing and comfortable experience, but it also helps the neuromuscular system to recover from maximal endurance performance.

Saunas have health benefit that go beyond recovery, too. Here are a few to consider:

  • better sleep
  • relaxation
  • detoxification
  • relief from joint pain such as arthritis
  • improved circulation

Book a session today or get in touch with us about scheduling a time for an infrared sauna.

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