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If you need help achieving your fitness and wellness goals, like most people do, you have probably been overwhelmed at the staggering amount of information (and misinformation!) available. Everyone has “expert advice” on proper form, strength training, weight loss, functional fitness, training plans and what a healthy diet should look like.

Look in every corner of the internet… Instagram, Facebook, YouTube… everyone claims to be an expert. But who the hell can you trust? The naturally skinny twenty year old on YouTube with abs? Ridiculously muscular guys on Instagram who likely are not getting their gains so much with weight training and diet as much as they are just taking drugs?

Clearly both are terrible choices, but there are a lot of fitness trainers who are not obviously bad choices, so how do you make a good choice?

How can you be sure your personal trainer has your best interests in mind and is qualified to help you achieve your personal goals?

Keep reading this important information, and you will be able to confidently choose a trainer who will guarantee results for your hard work. Especially pay close attention to the second part of the article if you are looking for a personal trainer and you live in Van Nuys or Sherman Oaks.

Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

Before we get into what to look for in a personal trainer, some folks reading may not be completely convinced that they need or could benefit from a personal trainer. If that’s you, then this next part aims to solve that conundrum for you.

If you are further along in your fitness journey or already convinced that you would benefit from having a trainer however, skip this section and read the next one.

Pay close attention to this section if you’re new to fitness, and think of the additional cost of hiring a trainer as something that will actually save you money ( and possibly pain from injury) down the road. Leveraging years of experience and the knowledge of a well-trained personal trainer can reduce lots of time required for your fitness goals. A challenging course, bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree may give a trainer knowledge, but only years of experience can give maximum results. Keep this in mind as you select your coach.

Strength Academy NASM Certified Personal Trainer Program Objectives

A competent, experienced professional holding a personal training certification will address your individual needs by teaching you the basics of proper form and how to be safe with injury prevention, they will write a workout routine specifically tailored to your specific needs and abilities, and with a fitness coach you can be sure that you are training as effectively as possible to get to next level fitness. 

Your fitness coach will teach you safety and proper form

Fitness has a learning curve for new trainees. It is during this critical early period that close care should be given to exercise form and careful consideration should be given to exercise selection. By having an experienced trainer help every step of the way, you can ensure progress does not stall. A good fitness coach therefore will teach proper form and safety to prevent injury, and correct inefficient movement patterns early on.

As exercise effectiveness increases, so too does the complexity of the movement. Squat. Deadlift. Bench press. Overhead press. Big barbell movements that work across multiple joints are the most effective exercises for gaining strength and getting maximum results from each training session. Sadly, as great as these exercises are, they can be complicated to perform for the inexperienced. A great way to make sure that you learn these techniques properly is to have personal training sessions with someone knowledgeable of exercise physiology and movement patterns.

Learning new exercises in the gym with a trainer will also help to identify and correct inefficient movement patterns. Things that new fitness enthusiasts might not even be aware that they are doing. These can be as common as rounding the back in a deadlift or letting the knees cave in with a squat or lunge, or can be more subtle, requiring an experienced eye to catch. It is important to fix early on obviously for safety, but also to keep progress from stalling too early, which can frustrate the trainee and cause motivation to wane. Any wins, big or small can keep you in the gym, turning the motivation to get a healthy lifestyle into discipline, and eliminating potential stressors early on will keep the wins coming. 

Your personal fitness trainer will write a program just for you

After form and safety comes the next important steps for a fitness routine, exercise selection and program design. Both are critical to creating a behavior change, and having the years of experience to decide these things is one of the best benefits of personal training.

Training with an expert in physical fitness will help to identify exercises that will help you in the long term, and which to avoid. For people with limitations, older adults or disabled populations, having a personal trainer watching and correcting movement patterns will help to identify exercises that should be avoided entirely. A crude example is power cleans… great for improving explosiveness in athletes, bad for dudes in their sixties with degenerated joints.

An obvious example, but still illustrative of how exercise choice can impact your success. The article you read or the video you consumed about which particular workout routine you should be doing that seemed to have similar goals to your own may or may not be suitable for you. These considerations should be individually decided, not copied from a template. If it is your first personal training session you may be surprised to find some physical limitation that you were completely unaware of with various activities… carry that proprioceptive unawareness over to a complex, loaded movement pattern and it can spell disaster.

Lastly you must consider how to program the exercises you have selected. Should you do high reps or low reps? Something in the middle? It is difficult to know if what you choose is going to give you the best results, especially if you are inexperienced. Individual considerations generally focus on outcomes for the personal training clients. This is perfectly fine for resilient, youthful populations or experienced trainees, but can really wreak havoc on certain people. For example, doing reps in the middle range from 8-12 is ideal for hypertrophic training, but can be difficult to recover from and can increase joint inflammation for certain populations.

With a fitness coach, you can train as effectively as possible

So now that you can see why having a trainer is super important when getting started, keeping one around can have enormous benefit as well. A well trained personal trainer will keep you training as effectively as possible through continuously checking form, making relevant programming changes, and keeping you motivated to stick with healthy living.

The way you perform an exercise today may be perfect form. Add weight, and things will start to change, usually not for the better… Having a trained coach can help to keep you moving on point, reducing the likelihood of injury and increasing the chance of gaining strength and ability. Weight training that is monitored on a regular frequency will help greatly in achieving fitness goals.

As you progress and goals are realized, a very predictable thing starts to happen. While the stress from a particular exercise at a specific rep and set scheme previously was able to produce an adaptation for some time when you were still new to training now requires a change, either in the amount of rest between sets, rep range or set range in order to continue adapting… the adaption being strength and performance increase. Having a coach with an excellent grasp on exercise science can ensure that the best changes are made to your routine, without unnecessary complexity.

Lastly, comprehensive practical training with a focus on overall health features a personal trainer dedicated to keeping you motivated to continue your fitness journey. Individual clients will require different motivation methods, and only the best trainers can prevent clients from giving up… so where can you find such trainers?

Our team of expert fitness trainers

Okay, you know that you will benefit from having a personal trainer, not just to help you get started but even throughout your fitness journey… so where can you find one that is going to do all the stuff laid out in this article? If you are in Los Angeles, the Van Nuys area has the trainers for you. At the Strength Academy Athlete’s Club, you will find high quality trainers with the National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal training certificate housed in an awesome fitness center. Most of these trainers are trained in house at the Strength Academy, and all have a love of fitness. The following will show you why Strength Academy has the experience you are looking for. At the Strength Academy, you can find a trainer who is right for you and reach your fitness goals with a personal trainer’s guidance.

Finding a physical trainer who’s right for you

The skill, experience and knowledge of a personal trainer is critical to ensuring you keep going to the gym and getting after it. Truly without their unique knowledge, the obesity epidemic could be even worse than it is, simply due to frustration from misinformation regarding training. Aside from those qualifications though, another metric is often disregarded at health clubs around the nation… personality.

Without enough quality trainers, you may get stuck with someone who just does not click with your personality. Surely you can remember a teacher in school who you just did not get along with… now it’s easy to picture them teaching group exercise classes and what a disaster that would be for you, but imagine being one on one with them for several days of the week! You would not want to train in that type of environment, and you likely would not want to keep coming back.

Luckily, part of the Strength Academy is a place where aspiring personal trainers come to learn the required material for the NASM certified personal trainer certification. This ensures lots of quality trainers will be available so you can find someone who you can get along with.

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Reach your fitness goals with a personal trainer’s guidance

Another great thing about having a good long term relationship with a personal trainer is the guidance they can provide. For example, maybe one of your fitness goals is to get strong enough to be competitive at a particular sport. Or maybe you have a few sports in mind, but are not really sure which you would be best suited towards. Obviously just going out and trying stuff could work, but having someone who is not only knowledgeable in training athletes but who also is very familiar with your strengths and weaknesses can give excellent advice on what your training focus should include… or if a certain type of competition is just completely wrong for you, they can often weigh in and help you make a choice that will allow you to have a life time of enjoyment with a sport. As mentioned previously, this type of relationship is easy to find at Strength Academy, since there is such a good selection of trainers. And you can trust the quality of the trainers at Strength Academy, since all the trainers are trained with NASM’s program, discussed below. 

Our certified personal trainers are here to help you

The National Academy of Sports Medicine is one of the most well respected certifying agencies for personal trainers in the fitness industry. The Strength Academy trains this particular certification in person through hours of lecture and hands on training experience.

Our trainers are required to have a high school diploma, CPR and AED certifications and lots of class time before they are recommended to sit for the national exam. This high intensity education ensures only the highest standards are expected from our trainers. This also makes the Strength Academy trainers be here because they love fitness and helping other people, not just a salary.

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Other fitness centers do not usually get this aspect right. They do not have the same strictness for application/acceptance, and the overall experience is brought down for the client… if your trainer is playing around on their cell phone while you are finishing your set, and they were only required to complete an online course for their certification, it is probably just a job for them. Enthusiasm is generally reflected through actions, and completing a challenging course and NASM-CPT exam is an excellent proving ground for new trainers. 

Strength Academy’s personal trainers are some of the best, especially in the Van Nuys area. When considering that they are all trained under the only major certifying body that holds its trainers accountable to a higher standard, and that the trainers at Strength Academy are only there because of their love of fitness, you would be crazy not to apply for an assessment. If selected to come to the Academy, you’ll need a few hours of free time, some workout clothes (you likely will get sweaty!), and a great attitude. Purchasing personal training packages with the Strength Academy will start you on a positive journey towards your health goals, whether they be weight management or sport-specific.

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