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Passing the NASM-CPT Exam is not having the most knowledge but the RIGHT knowledge on exam day. 

Our professional study method, has a proven 95% passed rate. The use of our Study Guide, Need to Know Work Sheets, Q&A with Explanations, Chapter Quizzes, Over/Underactive Muscle Cheat Sheets and the complete NASM-CPT Cheat Sheets will give you an enormous advantage over the competition. Save yourself some time and money by investing in our exclusive interactive Study Guide online. 

Enjoy an interactive study experience that fits into your daily routine, with quick and instant access anywhere, anytime with any of your devices! This Study Guide is identical to the one used in our Live One-Day Crash Course.  You can start right now, right here!👇🏽

Pass on your First Try!

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$ 75
  • NASM-CPT Study Guide (PDF Download)
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  • NASM-CPT Study Guide (PDF Download)
  • Need to Know Worksheets
  • 5 Full Practice Exams


$ 399
  • Interactive NASM-CPT Study Guide​
  • 23 Chapter Quizzes
  • Q&A w/ Explanations
  • Need to Know Worksheets
  • Over/Underactive Muscle Worksheet
  • 5 Full Practice Exams
  • Full NASM Cheat Sheets
  • 100% Pass Guarantee

We are the First School to Deliver an Online Interactive Study Guide with a 100% Pass Guarantee

We did the heavy lifting for you. Save yourself time by only studying what you need to know to pass the exam…on your first try, guaranteed!


This Study Guide is completely self-paced, so you can begin at any time and set your own pace. However, it is designed for you to do completely in 24 to 48 hours or self-paced in seven days. If you follow the Study Guide instructions, you will be ready to take the exam.

Click on the red button ” Let’s Get Started”. You can access the course from any device with a live Internet connection. The course will work on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Online courses provide unparalleled convenience and flexibility. You can take the course anytime, anywhere, on any device allowing you to finish in half the time.

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Since this Study Guide is designed to prepare you to take the exam at least seven days from start date, but no later than 30 days, it is only available for a short time. It is accessible for 60 days from purchase date, just in case you need a little more time. However, we highly suggest you do not take up the 60 days. Get it in and get it done! Let’s go!

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“No one really cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

– NASM Master Instructor Brian Nguyen