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We offer an awesome experience in the Sherman Oaks area, and luckily you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the ultimate fitness facility in the area. Of course we’re referring to the Strength Academy Gym and Recovery Club. This page will highlight some of the great features of this 2,000 square foot fitness club, and show how it can help you and your family members achieve new levels of fitness. Read on to learn more about this awesome facility, its training sessions offered, how members can access it and of course basics like how to contact us and trainer availability.

We have a great space and all the features needed for both trainers who want somewhere to meet their clients as well as members who want a great workout in a fantastic facility.

Looking for Private Gyms in Sherman Oaks with 24 hour access?

The Strength Academy Gym is not an additional impersonal big-box health club. Nor is it like public fitness centers, letting any individual come and go. This health and fitness facility is one of the few in the region that boasts a personal gym program, giving you the personal privacy of a home or garage physical fitness space, however with strength equipment and private personal instructors to supply you with a total training program. Since among the core services of the Strength Academy is the education of personal trainers, there’s no scarcity of professional exclusive personal trainers, both male and female, to get you to next degree fitness making use of efficient routines based on scientific research.

Enjoy our Gym with our Certified Personal Trainers

Research studies show that half of individuals starting an exercise program will give up in the initial 6 months.

What can enhance that number is having a qualified personal instructor to help maintain you accountable to your objectives. Not only will you not have to worry that what you are doing is right, having the ideal personal trainer can help to inspire you to keep making progress.

Below you’ll see what makes personal trainers say that the Strength Academy is the most ideal location to meet their clients, and just how that affects you as a new member of the fitness center.

Personal Training Studio in Sherman Oaks

The goal of the Strength Academy Gym has both personal trainer and client in mind. By using a scheduling system and keeping access to the facility floor restricted by timed passcodes, you can rest assured, whether you’re a trainer or a client, that you’ll have enough space for training sessions.

We at Strength Academy believe this is a main benefit that private clubs have over commercial gyms and public gyms.

New members can also be confident in placing more weight on the bar, even if it’s their first time with basic training, considering that their personal trainer can ensure they’re using the correct form with each and every exercise.

Public and commercial health clubs don’t regularly have trainers available for their clients. This is both a problem of overall safety, because workout equipment can be complicated, or hazardous when an individual requires guidance or a spotter, and it creates a poor training environment, where members are often left to their own devices.

Having knowledgeable personal trainers on staff produces an encouraging environment for customers, and also always keeps them returning to work on their fitness goals.

Personal Trainers from Sherman Oaks meet their clients at our Gym!

A private personal training gym like the Strength Academy appeals to personal fitness instructors as it is a good place to conduct their business. Having a private physical fitness center offers a good location to take clients through basic training, whether it’s the squat rack or resistance equipment, very first time trainees or not, having a place without disturbance helps maintain trainees concentrated, and having privacy can also keep clients coming back, since they don’t need to think about creepy onlookers.

Personal fitness instructors that use our health club recognize that the customers are going to love it, and be more likely to establish gym memberships than they would elsewhere.

Personal fitness instructors like this, as it makes it more probable that folks will adhere to their workout routine – and as we all know, consistency is the number one most important element for success when it comes to making a fitness lifestyle change that gets results.

Training equipment Strength Academy Gym in Van Nuys CA

One of the Best Private Gyms in Los Angeles

It takes a great place to keep personal trainers and clients, including from Sherman Oaks, coming back. The Strength Academy Gym does what it can to make an awesome facility for everyone.

With all the gyms in Los Angeles, standing out is hard to do, but the Strength Academy Gym still manages through several unique touches not found in gyms in the area. Some of these differences are apparent the first time you walk in the door, while others may not be so obvious at first.

The most expensive, fancy gyms may seem like they have it all, but underneath they are usually managed by people who just don’t care as much, which can negatively impact the experience for both client and trainer.

Our address is 6314 Sepulveda Blvd Suite B, Van Nuys, CA 91411, United States, and we’re located less than 10 minutes from Sherman Oaks, making it an ideal place for Sherman Oaks residents to come and work out (or, for Sherman Oaks-based personal trainers, our gym is a great spot to meet your clients!)

Strength Academy Gym stands out against other gyms in the area. Most notably, the Strength Academy Gym offers unmatched privacy, an environment that promotes more effective workouts, and unique amenities not found in other gym memberships.

Strength Academy Gym Program

Having a fitness center with private changing rooms and private showers is a good start to ensuring that members feel comfortable in the gym. But why stop there? Strength Academy ensures members hit their fitness goals by allowing private sessions for up to two hours. The member and trainer (if the member has a trainer) are given a temporary passcode to the fitness studio that expires at the end of the allotted time. This means that no one who is not a part of your scheduled session will be permitted in the gym. There is no more uncomfortable feeling in the gym than when you feel like you are being stared at by other members. Your workout is tailored to you, so should the space you do it in.

Privacy has another benefit, mainly that workouts get done in less time when you have all the equipment to yourself. Regular gym-goers and trainers know, having to wait on someone to finish making their Instagram story in the squat rack to finally finish with a poorly executed quarter squat that they feel the need to scream about is not conducive to an effective strength training program. Silly stuff like this just wastes everyone’s time, and sadly is the norm in many commercial gyms. Luckily if you have the gym to yourself, you can clearly cut down on instances of this… unless you’re the one planning on showing Instagram how much weight you can unrack and not squat, in which case now you’ll have an entire facility to do this.

Optimal Environment for your Workout

In addition to using privacy to create much better exercises, Strength Academy further sustains its clients by having tons of useful equipment available combined with sufficient room. While basic training programs may not require vast amounts of equipment and space, advanced protocols might. Likewise, while fitness levels in the United States may not be impressive as a whole, smaller sized demographics who commit themselves to fitness are approaching athlete-level abilities.

It is for these advanced level students and the call for added complexity that the Strength Academy Gym shines. While beginners will certainly have precisely what they require, advanced health and fitness people will maintain hitting their goals with Strength Academy’s equipment.

Here’s a short list of some of the specific equipment available:

  • Cable machine
  • Squat racks
  • Boxing bags & speed bag
  • Free weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Treadmills
  • Deadlift platform
  • Tractor tire
  • Bumper plates

If you can’t find it at Strength Academy Athlete’s Club, you likely won’t find it anywhere else either!

In addition to having lots of available strength and conditioning equipment, Strength Academy also has lots of available interior space, making functional training such as farmer’s walks, walking lunges and any other exercise that requires a larger than normal area plenty of space to get after it, and no one to trip over while doing it. Again, this helps maintain the club’s ability to keep workouts effective.

While you will find exactly what you need to for your workout, you won’t find a bunch of useless equipment piled up in the way. Old equipment is removed from the studio as soon as is possible to keep open space a priority.

A Focus on the Amenities

Lastly, what makes Strength Academy one of the best private gyms in Los Angeles is our unique amenities. Most notably are our Recovery Club and our NASM Certified Trainers.

Soreness, CNS fatigue and injury accompany hard training sessions. Sadly, they pose a large deterrent to exercise programs, especially for sedentary populations. Strength Academy sought out to do everything we can to alleviate the stress of training, thus was born the Strength Academy Recovery Club.

The Recovery Club is where members go to speed up their recovery after tough workouts. This is accomplished by using a state of the art tool called NormaTec. NormaTec uses dynamic air compression to massage affected areas, increasing blood flow to promote faster healing rates. Leg muscles, hip and arms have special attachments to accomplish this.

Taking the time and spending the money on regular massage is not really necessary when you have tools like NormaTec. 

Another awesome amenity that sets Strength Academy apart is our NASM certified personal trainers. NASM is one of the most respected Personal Training Certification bodies in the United States, and for good reason.

With exercise programs and progression rooted in scientific studies, clients can be sure they will have a safe approach to training. 

NASM’s model for training, the Optimum Performance Training Model, has been used for over 2 decades to get people fit. It starts out simple, with the client’s ability to stabilize core movements. After competency is achieved with this, strength becomes the focus, first with endurance, then eventually with maximal force production. Lastly, an athlete is forged with the power portion of the program, aiding in the client’s ability to perform explosive movements.

Private Members Only

The Athletic Club is now accepting new members. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or a long-time elite performer, our facility will help you reach your goals.

30-days unlimited access to our private Strength and Conditioning facility for $120, monthly. No contracts. $25 day session.

There is a limited amount of memberships available. So sign up today and grab your spot!

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So now you understand a few of the things that sets Strength Academy and our approach to physical fitness apart from various other fitness centers in the Sherman Oaks area.

You know that we enable personal accessibility to the health club, offer personal fitness instructors with top notch qualifications, who put an emphasis on clinical training procedures, and that we provide greater than the majority of health clubs in the way of recovery, to maintain you progressing with your physical fitness goals for a very long time.

It’s a good thing to make an educated decision regarding your well being … no doubt that’s the reason you read this article … yet taking action is the only way to achieve your goals.

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More About Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

We’re conveniently located on Sepulveda Blvd, close to where the I-405 and the I-101 cross over each other.

There are a lot of advantages to being located in the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles, and very close to other neighborhoods such as Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks, Valley Glen, and Panorama City (the location where the famous TV show The Office was filmed!).

Many of our clients live in the San Fernando Valley (or just “the Valley”, for those of us who live here!) but due to our proximity to the 405, it’s very easy for people to get to our location from different parts of the city.

A lot of our clients from the San Fernando Valley come from the Sherman Oaks area. Here’s a link to the Sherman Oaks neighborhood council.

For most Sherman Oaks residents, our location on Sepulveda Blvd is just a 10-15 minute drive away.